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Welcome to Viking + Amish

We are thrilled that you are taking an interest in us and we would love to tell you more about who we are. We are Teresa & Jeff Miller, currently living in Kona, Hawaii, and we have been married since 2017. This website was originally created as an RSVP website for our wedding so guests could find their way to the wedding venue, get information about Hawaii, our wedding wishes, and to tell our “how we met” story. We kept the domain after the wedding and decided to merge it with Teresa’s old blog and voila! Here we are.

We come from very different backgrounds: hence the Viking + Amish.

Teresa is a Viking; she was born and raised in Denmark. She is Scandinavian to the core; a go-getter, direct, and she comes from a family of strong women. She also appreciates “hygge” (a Danish word for coziness,) which will be evident in some of the lifestyle blogs.

Jeff was born and raised in Amish Country in Ohio; his first language was Pennsylvanian Dutch and he still speaks the language fluently. Jeff loves to tell a good story where the details are important, he is a renaissance man, and he makes friends with everyone.

Before we met each other we both traveled a lot. Though in different locations, we both worked as Christian missionaries through an organization called Youth With A Mission (YWAM), Jeff for 9 years and Teresa for 10 years.


On this blog communication is a huge part of the content. Teresa has a degree from Danish School of Media and Journalism and works as a freelancer for various small companies. Many of the communication blogs were written as a help to our readers and a reminder to ourselves. Good communication makes life easier and fuller.


Communication and relationships go hand in hand, but sometimes in these blogs, we need to focus more on the nature of the relationship rather than the way we communicate in the relationship. In this category of blogs, we will focus on principles such as truth and honesty, love, vulnerability, conflicts, and commitment.


We don’t claim to be lifestyle guru’s, which is why our lifestyle section will mostly focus on the way we lead life. We believe lifestyle is about HOW we live our lives; community, home, faith, friendships, and less about fashion, art, and design (even though we are huge fans of those things too). Today we seek to influence the world around us as “lifestyle missionaries”, and that is why this category on the blog is very important to us.


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